Pre-school- 3-5 years old.

Our Pre-school room

Pre-school is located in the newest part of our building. It comprises of a large space, with a kitchen off the side, with also independent use of the toilet facilities. The room also has double patio doors that lead into their own outdoor paved area encouraging free flow access . Pre-school is very much about encouraging independence and self-awareness, providing choice and enabling decision making. The environment is set up with open ended, natural resources that respond to children’s interest’s, to support creativity and encourage exploration. We very much feel that sending a confident, independent and happy child is the strongest emphasis on being ‘ready for school’.

We split the room size into two, enabling children to be part of a smaller group most of the day to enable the formation of social skills and co-operation in a larger ratio of 8, and by preparing their emotional well being  and self confidence.  The younger three olds are given the opportunity to mix with the older children through out the day, creating time for empathy and role-modelling and the encouragement of language skills.

Children are naturally physical and being active is essential for brain and body development which is why we enable the free flow approach in Pre-school. We encourage children to spend more time outdoors then indoors bringing an array of benefits to their well being, mental health and physical developments.  We select resources and equipment and plan appropriate activities that will inspire children to be active, we follow their interests to encourage them to learn, we supply plenty of opportunities to encourage being active, and finally we put the main emphasis on the day being as much FUN as possible.

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