Toddler room- 2-3 years old

Forest Friends Nursery Toddler Room

Our 2-3 year room

Our 2-3 year room is based down stairs in a large,calming, open space, inviting children to explore, consisting of a separate alcove to allow the children to independently free flow in and out of. The environment is set up understanding this age’s independence and individuality. We have a mark making, messy area one side of the room, and table top and floor spaces, a cosy area and a home corner enriched with open ended and natural resources waiting to be used in various ways. The environment encourages language skills and co-operation, physical experiences and allowing children to move freely and by being responsive to the child’s current needs and interests.

Our practitioners have natural skills to cater for this age groups ever change of feelings and behaviour. Toddlers gain a drive to ‘do it myself’ which we encourage immensely. A peaceful, calming room with patient practitioners enables children to focus and concentrate more, meeting their emotional wellbeing. We have places to relax, understanding children need time to recharge, feel safe and secure, encouraging communication.

We encourage exploration and investigation both indoors and outdoors, benefiting from a large outdoor space spending more time outside then inside. We appreciate how active children naturally are and cater for this by using the outdoors as a ‘third teacher’. Being active is essential for children’s brain and body development, which we are blessed by being in such close proximity of local parks, forests, fields and nature trails as well as our own outdoor spaces.

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