Why Forest Friends?


Forest Friends Nursery (previously known as The Rose Day Nursery) welcomes you to the Forest of Dean in Coleford. We are located in the heart of the Market Place,set back from the high street, offering a safe and secluded setting, ensuring your child’s welfare is paramount.

We benefit by having the local community literally on our door step inviting us to plan outings to the local fruit and veg market for the children’s snack, a trip to the local library for ‘Rhyme time’ or to borrow an interest book, or a stroll to the local wooded area for some den building or observations in the wildlife bunker.

About us:

We provide high quality childcare within three age appropriate rooms with supportive and enabling environments and resources consisting of a Baby room for 0-2 year olds, a Toddler room for 2-3 year olds and a Pre-school room for 3-5 year olds. We also accept 5-8 year olds during the school holidays.  We are also in the process of creating a separate sleep room accommodating children’s nap routines in a calming and homely environment.

We really promote the benefits of a simplistic, natural and neutral tone vision, focusing emphasis on the child and their learning in a rich and supportive environment with open ended natural and real resources. This allows children to explore, direct their learning, encouraging self awareness to discover the world around them at their own pace.

Our garden provision suits every age group, offering a variety of rich learning opportunities , with the added benefit of a free flow patio area off the Pre-school room providing us with an extended outdoor classroom, benefiting the more physical child.  Our children can and do spend as much time as they wish outdoors, learning through nature and physical opportunities, including mark making with sticks and mud, learning how to care for living plants and mini beasts or building obstacle courses with open ended materials using tyres, guttering and planks of wood.

We offer flexible sessions, opening from 7.30 am until 6pm with a view to extend, demand permitting. We accept ‘Employment Child Care vouchers ‘ assisting you with tax free childcare and we also accept free 2, 3 and 4 year government funding if you are allegeable.


Our ‘in the moment’ curriculum promotes children to learn through play by directing their own learning and following their own interests. All children will have so many high quality learning opportunities and experiences at hand in all 7 areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage, encouraging exploration, creative thinking and active learning in various ways, enabling early learning ready for school.


We are very excited to say we are now using an online learning journey system called Tapestry, enabling parents to view daily/weekly  photos, videos, observations and assessments on your child via a secure password protected online profile by a click of a button, updating and reassuring parents with first hand evidence your child is honestly having an enjoyable day. You too can do the same at home, encouraging stronger partnerships with the team and engaging parents and children in their learning.

Our team:

Our dedicated, passionate and qualified practitioners will support every child at all stages of development to learn effectively, through challenging and extending their learning meeting each individual child’s needs and interests. We have close links with various local schools enabling a very smooth transition to school for you and your child.
We of course understand the importance of ensuring your children are safe, content and are having as much fun as possible. We appreciate how emotional it can be to leave your child for the first time in someone else’s hands, but trust us you can, and you will be supported as much as the child will be.

Key Person system:

Your family will be assigned a key person who will get to know you all and form a professional attachment and partnership with you and your child during our very flexible and free settling in sessions, accommodating both of your needs, which we can extend until we are all happy you will both be confident to have an enjoyable day. The key person will be responsible for your child’s learning and development and will support the family through out nursery.

Parent partnerships:

We believe Partnership with parents and carers are a vital aspect in caring for your child’s welfare and development. We will work closely with you, equally, to best meet your child’s needs. You are and will always be the most important person/people in your child’s lives, and you of course knowing your child the best.

We promote an open door ethos, welcoming you to be a part of your child’s life at nursery, whether it be an informal daily handover with staff, ‘stay and play’ opportunities inviting you to play for an hour, to get to know your child’s friends and key worker, or perhaps popping along to one of our events throughout the year such as our ‘Mother’s Day afternoon tea party, or our McMillan fundraising coffee mornings, or our annual leavers celebration at the end of each academic year.

You and your family are welcome just as much as your children are, we welcome your contributions and we can’t wait to meet you all and help make a positive difference in your child’s learning.