Healthy lunch boxes

What is our standard?

At Forest Friends, we provide your child’s mid-morning and afternoon drinks and snacks but you get to decide what goes into your child’s lunch time and tea time meal by providing a packed lunch/tea box. This means you can take into account what your child likes and dislikes and having the reassurance they have actually eaten something they like and also a nutritious balanced meal.

This enables you to plan your evening meals knowing it wont feature what they had for lunch. Packed lunches can prepare your child for school by practising skills of opening packaging independently. If your child has dietary requirements, you have the reassurance you are catering for this. Packed lunches provide flexibility and can be adapted along with your child’s taste buds.

We follow the NHS Change for Life guidance on providing healthy snacks, please follow the link for some hints and tips on ‘healthier lunch boxes’….